Analog Signal Scaling

Taming an unruly analog signal into a more manageable size.

Timespan: December 2020

Published: 2020-12-12

Mapping analog voltages between two rails

This webpage is the live calculator I made for the analog scaling problem I highlighted in this blog post. It solves the problem of moving an analog signal within one voltage range to another voltage range with one op-amp.

Here, an example is set up scaling ±15V sensor output to 0-5V Arduino/microcontroller analogRead-able values.

Circuit setup

Input Voltage Ranges (Vin):
Low rail: V, High rail: V
Desired Output Range (Vout):
Low rail: V, High rail: V


Vref: V
R2/R1 ratio:

Practical Implementation:

To find real-world resistors that create this reference voltage or match this resistor ratio, you can visit this other calculator, which I find invaluable.

Happy scaling!